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Meet Kitty, the family cat.


Kitty lives with my parents and enjoys hiding foil balls, sunshine on the kitchen floor, and sleeping on the top shelf of my parents’ closet. She does not love anybody who is not my parents, myself or my brother, who she thinks is a giant cat.

She’s also the latest in an extended family tradition of lovingly naming our pets…in pretty much the most generic and basic manner possible. Meow. Fluffy. Poochie. Another Kitty. You get the idea. When she arrived, I said, “Please, for the love of God, we have to come up with a name that is not like that,” and lo, “Kitty” was the only name that stuck.

I didn’t really ever think that I’d be artistically rendering this cat, but I was looking for something fun to do with a couple of friends one night, and we decided on “Paint Your Pet” night at Wine & Design, located on Market Street in nearby Corning.


Wine & Design is a great concept. You can check out their online calendar and see what paintings they’re doing on which day throughout any given month.

Once you select when you want to attend, you can sign up online for a reasonable cost. (Most sessions are in the evening and are two hours for $35 per person, bring your own wine and snacks. A few are a little longer and a little more expensive, it just depends on what you choose to do.) They also do private parties at the studio or will travel to you.


Here’s what especially rocks about Wine & Design…you don’t have to have much artistic talent at all for your painting to still turn out well. Take Kitty. For “Pet Night” you e-mail in a photo of your pet, so when you arrive that photo has been digitally printed on your canvas.


As was the case with the pets my friends painted:


So it’s up to you, basically, to get the colors and shading the way you’d like them, which your instructor is more than happy to help you with, as much or as little as you’d like. I found the whiskers to be the toughest part of the whole thing.

Here’s how I progressed with Kitty:





All in all, it was a unique way to spend the evening with friends.


Plus, you take away something to hang on your wall, or give as a gift. And while my mother declined to hang my painting of Kitty in a shrine-like place of prominence above the fireplace in the family living room, she’s found a good home…I think she stands to become quite the conversation piece.


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90 East Market Street #101, Corning, NY 14830
(607) 738-6884