Good Eats: Turtle Leaf Café

So a few weeks ago, I took up residence in the Land of Dietary Restrictions. Specifically:


I feel much better since making the change, and on the whole it has not been overly difficult, particularly when it comes to making meals at home, where I have control over what ingredients I’m using. There are a lot of great gluten-free products and recipes out there.

Eating out, however, can be much more challenging. Gluten is sneaky, and in a lot of things that you wouldn’t expect it to be in. Depending on where you are eating, sometimes there are great options, sometimes there are limited options, and sometimes there aren’t really any options.

An example of where there are great options? Our very own Turtle Leaf Café.



Turtle Leaf is amazing in general, and especially so for anybody who strives to eat organic, gluten free, or is a vegetarian.

If you like to eat organic, they use all-natural ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup in any of their products, and utilize organic and local produce whenever possible.

If you’re a vegetarian, they have a fantastic variety of choices for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some of the options I noticed were their Veggie Wrap, vegetarian flatbread pizzas, several salads and their Roasted Veggie Panini. Vegan selections are also available.

And if you’re me…well, they pretty much had me at gluten-free desserts. Let’s be honest.


That was one super-rich and wonderful brownie.

For lunch, I had a Strawberry Turkey Brie Panini on GF bread, carrots with veggie herb dip and grapes. They also have GF chips and salsa as a side option.


The sandwich featured an unexpected and tasty blend of sliced turkey, brie cheese, fresh sliced strawberries, red pepper jelly and pesto.


And this tall drink of fruit shake is their fresh and flavorful Peach & Cream option. Their shakes are made from all-natural juices, no additives or preservatives, and frozen berries with no added sugar. Flavors include Raspberry & Spinach, Blueberry Mango, Sweet Carrot, Green Grapes & Berries, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and many more.


Plus, it’s really just a nice spot to hang out for awhile, very bright, comfortable, laid-back. If you’re a local and haven’t stopped in yet, head over for lunch sometime. And if you’re visiting the area or passing through, Turtle Leaf is conveniently located close to the highway.

Seriously, I was just there for lunch yesterday and want to go back today. You’ll be hooked!

Rookie’s Tip: Keep an eye out for future “Good Eats” blog posts, which will explore more of Mark Twain Country’s restaurants.

Turtle Leaf Logo_NEW

Turtle Leaf has moved to a new location since this blog post! Visit them at:
315 East Water Street
Elmira, NY 14901
(607) 767-6191