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Our Yuletide Claim to Fame

Let me preface this by saying that I am in no way a connoisseur of roadside attractions. (I know such hardcore devotees exist out there in the world, and my hat is off… Continue reading

Let It Snow

This is the first time that titling a blog has ever made me feel like I might start getting chased by a mob wielding snow shovels and ice scrapers. Hear a Rookie out, readers. Believe it or… Continue reading

O’ Christmas Tree

If Frances Hodgson Burnett was alive today, I’d love to get her impression of what’s known locally as Elmira’s own “secret garden.” Over on Southside at 824 Broadway, nestled up behind a Victorian… Continue reading

Walk this Way: Near Westside

In trying to stay physically active, I sometimes find myself getting bored doing the same-old, same-old routine at the gym, which has prompted me, when the weather’s good for it, to walk sometimes instead. In doing… Continue reading